197 cup with quilted leather seats?

Hi all, i apologise for lack of input on here and also for a lack of knowledge on all things clio RS in general.
Ive had my car just over 2 years now and ive often wondered this: how come my car has quilted leather seats? i don't think ive seen another with them, is this dare i say it, rare? or is it just not that much of a big deal?
Ideally I'd have had recaros but this car just popped up and i bought it as it came.
many thanks for any help, stew
hi, no sadly they are not recaros, just the standard seats, look 100% factory too, i like them but did wonder what business they have being in a 'cup' car? thanks for the reply, stew


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They were an option, but very pricey so not many opted for them (as they opted for Recaros instead), someone previously could have retrofitted them into your car, as I'm not sure if they were an option for an actual cup car (I'm not talking about a cup packed car).

Either way, they are "rare" but most people desire Recaros over them normally.
Thank you for the reply, righto yes i would have picked recaros over them myself too if im honest! although they are ok.