1. av4625

    NS-2R vs R888R in the wet

    Anyone got any experience? I started doing sprints with NS-2R's and I just couldn't get the corner speed that other seem to have. I got some R888R's and they are unreal. I'm going to a sprint at the weekend and it looks wet. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with tyres in the wet...
  2. av4625

    Toyo R888R Best Size?

    Looking to get some Toyo R888R's. I have standard 7.5j 200 cup wheels. Do 225 wide R888R's fit ok? Are they Better? Am I better with 215? The car is used for sprints at the minute, I sometimes play with 20mm spacers on the front, other than that pretty standard.
  3. R

    197 Cup wheel alignment numbers?

    I need to check the front wheel alignment on my 197 cup. Got the lazer alignment set up but the auto data book has no numbers for toe in/out for the clio 197 cup. it only has numbers for the standard,non rs clio, which it says is 0 toe on the front. Does anyone know what the correct...