1. C

    Squeaky driver seat

    My driver seat is squeaking when I go over bumps, it’s driving me insane. Standard seats not the recaros. Sounds as if it’s coming from where the top of my back rests against the seat. Anybody else had this? This combined with the squeaky steering wheel is extremely annoying.
  2. k2100

    Recaro squeak fix? pics attached

    Anyone else had this? Since I've had my Recaros put in I've had a squeak whenever the back moves, tightened up the bolts shown in the picture and it has significantly bettered it as these were very loose. Problem is its still speaking occasionally, are there symmetrical bolts on the other side...
  3. tchalikias

    Gear lever squeak

    So I noticed that my gear lever produces a slight squeak when jiggling it towards the left in neutral. The same squeak can also be heard sometimes when putting it into first or second. Now I know this is extreme nitpicking, since you have to look for the noise to hear it (under normal driving...
  4. tchalikias

    Standard seats - squeak from inside seat

    I noticed that the driver's seat squeaks sometimes depending on my movements while driving. Its a spring like squeak coming from inside the seat. I noticed that there are zippers on the back of the seats, can I somehow remove the back cover and spray lubricant on the springs there? Does...
  5. Jonny_197

    High Pitch Squeak

    Driving to work this morning I heard a very high pitched squeak coming from somewhere outside and didn't think anything of it. Then when out in my car earlier I heard the same again, when I put my window down it was coming from the driver side front wheel and when I dabbed on my brakes it...