1. R

    275 Cup-S to 200 Cup

    Hi All, Has anyone made the change from a 250/265/275 Megane to a Clio 200 Cup and been disappointed or regretted the move? After owning the car for a few months, priorities might have to change (adult sort of things) along with a longer commute and the car is too special to be a motorway...
  2. Malachi

    Newbie looking for a 197/200

    Hi. I currently have a Renaultsport Megane 225 Lux, after selling my Clio 182 (after ten years!) and Volvo V50 last year. I have the itch to buy a Clio again, and was recently offered my old 182 back, however my wife was not happy with this 'backwards' step and my obsession with the 182...
  3. Azagedon

    Yo - 225 F1 squashed going to 197 conversion

    Hello, I'm from rsmegane and Renault UK and thought i'd join this forum too. In short I had a 225 F1 for just over a year till it was squashed by a 72ft pine tree on valentines day. Pretty heart breaking, but the engine remains untouched. Being too strong to let go I've decided to drop it...