1. G

    Cooling help

    Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten myself a 2012 Clio RS 200 and since I’ve gotten it it has been over heating. This only happens when it’s been sitting in the sun in traffic for a while and or slowing down and speeding up for speed bumps. I got the car from wales and I really don’t want to drive 5...
  2. T

    Electrical problems!

    So ive had a couple of electrical issues… one being the hazards. I seem to leave the car 5 minutes and the hazards are going off. Ive removed the UCH and checked it and everything seems to be fine. Ive also removed and cleaned the multiplug under the passenger carpet. But the hazards still...
  3. Alex197UK

    Blown exhaust manifold

    So my exhaust manifold has completely blown now, sounds like a tractor with no exhaust :oops: I’ve decided after looking through a few threads to buy the toyo sport pre cat delete manifold. now I’ve seen people mention about having to upgrade the engine mounts to stop the knocking on the...
  4. G

    Clio 200 Indie Suggestions for Hub Replacement

    Hey All, Anyone know a good independant garage in the Leamington Spa/ Coventry area please? Made the cardinal sin of taking my 2011 Gordini to a main dealer in Leamington for an MOT due to expecting at the most a non dangerous failure I can take away elsewhere. They have failed it for broken...
  5. J

    197 purchase!!!

    hi guys, after some advice if possible! Looking at buying an 07 plate 197 this week with 48k on the clock, its fairly strong money. The only issue is its had 5 former keepers....would that put you off? Thanks in advance James
  6. P

    Clio rs Silverstone gp

    Hi im a newbie, I have just been to look at a clio rs Silverstone gp, there wasn't a plaque with the build number on it?? Is it a real Silverstone? Also it was white? Also it crunched when going into 4th is this a common fault? Easy fix? I believe a member of this forum owned it before as it...
  7. C

    Help engine noise

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone could help. I have this strange engine noise that's sounds really worrying. I've uploaded a YouTube video Thanks in advance!
  8. SJS_RS

    Looking for a Clio RS200 FF with Cup Pack!

    Hi Guys/Girls, I'm a newbie here... I'm planning to buy a Clio RS200 FF with cup pack by the end of the month. I thought I'd make an account to have a quick look at the cars that are for sale on this site; however I can't seem to access these threads; apparently I don't have " permission to...