1. O

    Wing to Door panel gaps!!!

    I’ve just had my bumper and wings resprayed to sort some stone chips but I’m having a really hard time getting the panel gaps between the front of the door and the wing to line up. The top and bottom are good but the middle where the fold in the panels is seems very tight - the L bracket is...
  2. harveyl12

    Matte Black paint - Plastic Door Black Strip

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendation of what touchup paint sticks to use on the black plastic strip down the door on the Clio RS 200. Please see the image here, as you can see I have a white paint speckle on here from when I purchased it 3 weeks ago. Just wanting to get it touched up...
  3. J

    Clio 197 Door handle mechanism broken

    My door hand mechanism broke last night whilst trying to open my door. I have taken the door pannel off today only to see that you can't access the door hand mechanism... Anyone know how to fix this???