cup roof spoiler

  1. welshname

    Welshname's Deep Black 197

    Thought I may aswell copy my project thread from over to here. Apologies if some of it makes no sense as it's purely a copy and paste from there. Cheers:
  2. L

    200 cup spoiler! help!

    Morning Guys, Sorry if there is already a thread on this but I have to ask, I'm about to fit a 200 cup spoiler on my 200 cup, just come to place it on ready to line it all up and it doesnt seem to sit flush and seems to sit right on top (touching) the high level brake light? am I doing...
  3. Hamad

    Cup Spolier

    Hi guys i have a brand new cup spoiler i would like to sell it but i don't know how much it worth i got it as a gift but unfortunately dose not fit on mine since i have the GT stock let me know Regards