1. M

    OE backbox dimensions

    Hi mates, I would appreciate if someone has a oem exhaust backbox lying around and is willing to do the measurements given on the picture below. I know it's a relatively fast job to remove the diffusor and to measure it out, but I don't have the space or place to do it, and a parking lot isn't...
  2. E

    Aftermarket Exhaust - Scorpion

    Hi All, No doubt, Exhausts have likely been discussed more times than you you could possibly count; I apologies in advanced. I've got a standard system on mine and looking for the extra noise! Scorpion appear to be pretty well rated and the way to go, according to their official website they...
  3. harveyl12

    Flat Spot - Sports Cat with Cat-Back?

    Hi, I am looking at buying a Cobra Cat back system with a sports cat for my clio rs 200. I am wondering if anyone can comment on the flat spot issues I've been reading. Will a sports cat increase/create a Flat spot? Will a cat-back exhaust system increase/create a Flat spot? Is a...
  4. Charlie9650

    Cobra or milltek

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Been looking into buying a new exhaust for my 197... after fishing around for a while I came across the cobra cat back and the milltek cat back... Was wondering if anyone on here had either or the two and what they think of them?
  5. Branx

    Catback and manifold (probably Chinese)

    This shop was recommended by some Subaru guys in Croatia who have purchased catback systems from the seller, so as a UK based company - I'm wondering if you guys have any experience with them, or the products? Manifold...