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    Wheel spacers thoughts

    As I put in my post I had no comparison, if the spigot on one of my spacers hadn't failed I wouldn't have removed as I was more than happy with the way it drove and handled. I 100% noticed the difference with them removed, It would've been interesting from my perspective if I were to have done...
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    Wheel spacers thoughts

    I recently acquired earlier this year a factory 200 Cup with the only mods on the whole car being a set of hubcentric spacers. As I had no comparison the car handled absolutely brilliant with no cause for concern and as close to my old Dc2 Type R integra as I've ever got in terms of handling...
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    A genuine cup has quite a few differences over the standard 200 on exterior and interior to distinguish between the two as most 200's are cup packed ie dampers/springs,brakes and steering rack. No colour coding on side mouldings or door mirrors just bare plastic No Spotlights Cup Badge on B...
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    That's stunning fella