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May 1, 1992 (Age: 26)

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    1. MladenMihoci
      Hy, I m Mladen from Croatia... I love your Martini combo :) and I m thinking of doing that to my clio... I was wondering if you have maybe martini stickers on your Computer ? I have a friend who is wrapping cars and it would be much easier to him if I get him finished preparation for printing :)..
      1. Micah
        Stu sold his Clio a while back, it may be better messaging him on Instagram :)
        Apr 20, 2018
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    2. niki66

      I read, that you had a problem after remap with check injection system. I have the same problem after remap. No error codes, only check injection system. The power of the car is not reduced. Maybe very little.
      How did you solve this problem? Where was the error? Thank you.

    3. Stubonez
      ooops, no i don't have Recaro's in mine!
    4. Stubonez
      Oh nice man, Im actually looking at buying some 18" megane alloys at the moment! Haha. Love speed lines though, I'll buy them if your gf changes her mind ;) no plans for mine at the mo, spent too much on it. Full decat scorpion, including decat manifold, alcantara steering wheel etc. k tec remap. Ran 211.1bhp. Did 217bhp on the first run :0 I like the idea of a black roof but mines the anthracite pack. Added the clio f1 r27 decals today haha. Look cool imo but know people don't like them on a 200!
    5. Ben200cup
      Yeah does look smart mate,I've only changed the bulbs so far, but got cup spolier, h&r springs and black megane r26 alloys ready to go on :) my gfs is having my black speedlines as she has same wheels as yourself lol! Got few more ideas aswell! You have recaros in urs?! I've got a black roof on mine looks really smart
    6. Stubonez
      Ah nice, i did see you last minute! in my own little world haha. Yeah, I did work with your bro like 5 years or so ago now! Love the Alien green, looked smart!
      Can't go wrong with a GW :) Done much to yours? I'm looking at switching to the multispoke 197 alloys as i really don't like the cup 5 spoke wheels! :(
    7. Ben200cup
      I see you yesterday , I was driving my gfs alien green 200 . I've got a gw 200 aswell :) think you used to work with my bother Russell draper at co op?
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    May 1, 1992 (Age: 26)
    Meg'd mk3 200

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