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    Can’t see clios for sale

    I used to be a paid member for many years. Just come back on to have a nosey and see if there were any nice ones for sale. I understand it’s only a fiver. But then to have anyone come on and buy a car on here makes sense. Then I am sure if they do they will pay the £5 :)
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    Can’t see clios for sale

    I have owned a fair few Renaultsports in my time and was going to have a look through the classifieds on here. It seems stupid you have to be a paid member to see the cars for sale. Feel like that’s going to massively reduce the audience for the advert. I understand it for the parts. But cars?
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    Decent exhaust company in Nottingham

    I bought an exhaust off here and it was cut a bit short at the mid silencer. Was wondering if anyone knew of a decent exhaust company that could weld it on. I live the east side of Notts but willing to travel.
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    Standard exhaust

    Yeah defo not standard, the standard ones have the worlds biggest backbox. As above looks like a yozzasport, brother used to have one of them sounds really good!
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    Returning user - R27 #470

    Cheers forgot how much of a blast these cars are to drive. Got an Alpina D3 Biturbo now but driving this is tempting me to release a load of capital and get myself one haha
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    Returning user - R27 #470

    Hi Guys, Not sure if anyone will remember me, but I used to own and RB F1 number 489 nearly 4 years ago when I sold it. Owned it for a few years. Anyway, I just bought number 470 for my girlfriend, and am obviously insure as well ;) Doesn't look to be in the register so will post it in there...
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    Club for sale £3000 value ??

    Does it mean you can get the awesome business lease deals going on new cars these days? :thumbsup:
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    BMW test drive....

    Yeah my mate had one of these. Stupid fast things once mapped ~380bhp. And a really nice place to be. Would be a very nice upgrade I think. But as said yeah can't imagine it would be as good/fun round a track.
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    1500 bhp GT-R

    Actually crazy. Can't imagine what that would actually feel like. Love the way it leaves the rubber on the road at the end.
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    would 205 50 17 fit (winter tires) ???

    Your tyres would be 11.5mm bigger and therefore your speedo would be over reading slightly. So if your speedo said 70 you would actually be doing 71.29mph. But as we know the speedo over reads already. So it might actually make your speedo dead on. And there is no reason as to why they...
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    Like for Like, who's left the clio for something new?

    Since my 197 I have had a mini R56 coopers s which I loved. But had no end of engine trouble with it. Now got a civic type r fn2 and love it. Many people don't rate it. But the interior is leagues ahead of the Clio and mini tbh. Really like it. Close call as to what I prefer 197 or fn2. But do...
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    Yeah they are awesome. My dad has recently got one. On the road I would say it's much quicker than the Clio. The V6 makes such a great sound too. Even with the standard exhaust. It's defo a step up from the Clio. Would probably have one myself if my dad didn't have one lol. The interior is a...
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    Astra Vxr Or Clio 197. FAO 197 owners

    Having owned both I feel I should comment. I had the Clio for just over a year sold it for an astra VXR. 4 months later swapped the VXR for my Clio back. Think that says enough. In my time I put a full exhaust and remapped the astra. Was running just shy of 300bhp and same torques. Was silly...
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    Make me sick

    Yeah it's all just becoming more American lol. All this where there's blame there's a claim rubbish. As with a lot of things the honest majority (well I hope it's still the majority) suffer whilst the "other" people benefit.
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    Motorway speed limit increase

    Yeah I have really noticed the difference since fuel prices soared. No ones seems to be tanking it, and theres more people going 56mph lol