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    Here we go, last minute entry from me. Thanks for the reminder @Cliosport-carl 20180318_104536E by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    POTM December 2018

    Here's my entry. Have a great Christmas everyone: IMG_2147 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    POTM December 2018

    Looking forward to trying to come up with something for this one :-)
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    POTM November 2018

    The one you picked first, I'd say. The car stands out much better on it. Although, I think i prefer the dual carriageway light trails better on the second one! lol.
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    POTM November 2018

    Here's my effort from this evening: IMG_1895 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    POTM November 2018

    Excellent pic. I did something similar to this, also in a November one! Back in 2013 though: - PIC 4.
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    **VOTE** POTM October 2018

    Number 11 for me please.
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    POTM October 2018

    Here's my spontaneous phone shot! Thought the colours looked good in the sun, and I haven't had chance to get out with the camera. 2018-10-26_05-37-01 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    **VOTE** February 2018

    Number 2 for me.
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    POTM February 2018

    Last minute entry from me. Not the idea I was hoping for, as the weather has hindered my other idea! Good luck everyone. IMG_0145 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    Screech when reversing

    Yeah, mine hasn't done it in ages. Seems to be a warm weather thing.
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    POTM - December 2017

    I've finally got round to getting a picture sorted for this month's competition. Hope everyone's had a good Christmas! IMG_0050 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    The future of POTM ! YOUR vote counts.

    Or this :-)
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    The future of POTM ! YOUR vote counts.

    . I took this for an open theme in Jan 2014. Photo of my own car moving. Driven by my brother :smile:
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    The future of POTM ! YOUR vote counts.

    I personally enjoy the themes. I spend quite a while thinking about it. I can honestly say, I've never entered an old pic. It's a great excuse every month to get the camera out. I've been entering these POTM comps since October 2013 lol. Maybe we could have some posts sometimes of, "theme ideas...