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    Anyone Know . . . . . <<< 403157333r
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    Torque for tie Rod end nut

    mmhhkay , when so , what bolt is then #3 ? :think:
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    Torque for tie Rod end nut

    In cup i think its drilled through , and a longer bolt with nut , there 27nm are ok thats #3 in the diagramm of the workshop manual ? #15 are the 3 bolts that hold the steel part in which #3 clamp the bottom ball joint , or not?
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    Torque for tie Rod end nut

    #15 , 10nm , think that cant be right :think:
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    Hi All, I have recently purchased a 197 and am doing hillclimbs and sprints with it. I want to know how to put negative camber on the front suspension

    to get 2-2,5 degrees , i think the better option are the polybushings with camber setting in the front of the wishbone. standard is by the way 1-1,5 degrees
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    More (-) Camber

    all with the larger hole , means explicit : not on late 200´s
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    More (-) Camber

    they do , in fact late clio3 and clio4 has the same
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    Clio quick racks [emoji471][emoji469]

    this works on rhd only i think ... ? :think: