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    Broken Down!

    I had a similar issue - bank holiday last year.. I done a 170 mile drive to a theme park and on the way there I lost all gears apart from 3 and 4 - the gear selector cable had popped out of the mounting, managed to fix this on the road side. On the way home, I hit a huge pot hole in the middle...
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    a couple of electrical issues

    I'm not a genius here, but I have seen a lot of users having issues with their stalks either side of the wheel. They become faulty and a replacement is required, although some have discovered the wiring has come loose and plugged it in more firmly and things begin to work again. I would see if...
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    For Sale section - what's the difference?

    I think it's there because the mods wanted to have a "Title" forum then then that allowed them to create the sub-forums under the "For Sale" Titled section. It is a little confusing at first but you get used to it and I understand why it has been setup that way. I mean, it makes sense!
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    Obd reader

    £5 bluetooth OBDII reader & the Torque app = sorted. Use Android though, lots of my friends can't use it because they are iPhone nonces... Lol
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    injection not recognised

    There are lots of VISU CD diagrams here - Give this a shot mate :)
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    200 cup front door/wing damage

    @suj - I was only throwing some examples. In my previous motorcycle accidents, Bike value payout was around 1.8k and the "scrap value" to buy it back was like £280(ish). Never gone through it with a car but I can imagine it's also quite different depending what insurance company you're dealing...
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    200 cup front door/wing damage

    In all honesty, you've already started the insurance procedure so carry on - the worst case scenario is they will give it a "CAT N" against the car and then give you a nice chunky payout. Then you will be presented with the option to buy the car back as "salvage" - I've done this twice in 2...
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    200 cup front door/wing damage

    In my view there are 3 options: Insurance - Claim through insurance, and get it all sorted for you. This takes time, paperwork and can leave you without a car for a few weeks etc. This will affect the woman's next premium and can sometimes have an effect on yours if you chose to tell insurance...
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    The 200 Project!

    In that case - bargain! Keep posting updates here, always exciting to see what bits and bobs people get up to when they work on their car(s)! :)
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    The 200 Project!

    Very nice - just a quick heads up, check when the last clutch replacement was done, as well as the belts and pump. I picked up my 197 with 72k for £2750 but didn't check either and turned out they both needed doing (belts actually had no indication on when they were last done, if done at all!)...
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    Toyosport exhaust on 197

    I would go for it and test, if it doesnt fit then you can always get a local garage to weld it together. The pipe you want to connect fits over a 2.5", i dont know the size of the OE exhaust but if that part is 2.5" then youll be fine. If not, use the toyo centre section up to the second cat...
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    Another exhaust manifold thread....

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a new manifold, mine isn't in terrible shape but it's gonna need doing soon so I was shopping about. I know my choices but i stumbled across this...
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    Clio 197 Turbo Kit/Conversion

    Sorry I'm not offering any answers/help here, but I want to ask if you could create a progress thread for when you do this? Very interested to see how you get on and what kind of power you can get from the N/A engine!
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    Folding mirrors

    I didn't realise that! Sorry OP!
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    Folding mirrors

    That's not for the folding mirrors, that's to adjust the mirror in the wing mirror.....