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  1. S27RBY


    Range Rover Evoque
    Hi Guys,

    I used to have a Clio Trophy as a weekend car and have decided to now look for a 197 in its place. I just wondered what I have to do just to look at the for sale section?


  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Hi welcome to the forum, and thanks for considering the site as a means of searching for your new car.

    The Classifieds section, as well as other parts of the forum, become open when you are a Paid Member - these memberships start from £5. To join, hover over your username at the top of the page, and you will get a drop down menu. In there, you will see an option for 'Memberships'.

    I hope that helps, and if you have any more queries, please ask away :smile:

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