Ultra Red 197 photoshoot, enjoy

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Antti O, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Clio 197 Ultra red 2007
    There has been some interesting things going on last week. I was silent because i did not know what result will be..
    Maybe not so phososhoot material, but something. Here it goes.. I hope you like it.

    As many of you know clio was machine polished in middle of winter, when i bought it.
    It was hurry job.. not in that level what i really want. I have good tools and some skill for my self, but absolute perfect paint correction take some much time. I would say many days to do it in perfect level. In this time it took 5 days, 4 days for correction and 1 day for preparing and coating.

    I have friend who is really good with flex rotary, and he does have a lot of time and patience. I have time but not so much patience for perfect paintwork. So there was time when we chat about my clio, and swirls and all kind of imperfections which car did have.
    After long talking he said yes.
    My clio was 5 days in his garage where all magic happens.

    Correction (swirl removal)
    Flex rotary polisher pe 14-250
    Nanolex heavy cut & Scholl S3 compound for cutting
    Scholl purple 5" pad + Nanolex cutting pad
    Chemicalguys 4" orange cutting pad

    Finishing (for maximum shine and hologram removal)
    Flex rotary polisher pe 14-250
    Scholl S30+ finishing compound
    Chemicalguys quantum hex black 5" finishing pad

    Before coating

    Bio-solvant wash

    Okay, now for the interesting part. No wax on / wax off this time.
    Because lacquer surface is now swirl free, i want to have hard ceramic coating (basically it is like extra lacquer layer which is really hard and slick).

    Coatings used:
    For normal paintwork : TFC ceramic coating.
    For black plastics: Nanolex SI3D coating
    Windscreen: Gyoen Q2ViEW

    Here you have some photos. Just look for that gloss and how perfect black plastics are after coating. Diffusor is uncoated, i will do it in wintertime when i take it off.









    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    My god Antti!!!

    The cleanest car on the forum just got even cleaner! That looks STUNNING mate. You must be thrilled.

    Oh how I wish I had friends like that!
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    How fars Finland from Calais:grinning:

    Amazing results Antti. As said above wish I knew someone who could detail like that.

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    Amazing what you can do with a brillo pad Brillo_Logo.jpg
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    That paint is stunning...wow
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    simply amazing mate!
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    Very Impressive!! Will be taking notes from your summer cleaning process ^^
  9. Antti O

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    Mikkeli, Finland
    Clio 197 Ultra red 2007
    Thank you all for nice comments, it is privilege to know man who is in this level. I had difficult time to choose between best wax i know (meguairs m16 paste wax hybrid) or coating. After all this is only summer car, and wax would be enough for protection.
    However, I decided to choose ceramic coating, because i never have had ceramic coating any of my cars.
    Benefit for coating is that it can resist in some level of swirl marks which every one of hand washes produce. Another thing is, that when you have ceramic protection, and you wash it with proper shampoos, it will last many years, so there is no need for waxing many times per year to keep absolute perfect protection and water beading. The man who did this do have silver V70 volvo which has been coated in springtime. Water beading is still like crazy, and he washes it every week.. never any detailers or anything boost products used.. it is amazing. It is same product which i have in my car now.

    The most important benefit in my country and winter when we are talking about ceramic coating is this:
    You know when car is marinated with salt and sand in wintertime, even if you wash it once per week salt tends to stick everywhere and if you feel for example doors you can feel bad surface , like sandpaper. Only product which can remove this film is carbon solvants (basically petrol solvant). Unfortunately it is so bad stuff it takes all wax off in same time. So then you have to wax your car again.. Do it once / month and it is not so funney..
    This is real life here in winter.. believe or not.
    Most finns just drive all winter with horrible dirt cars and dont bother for cleaning..
    And why coating is so good? Because ceramic coatings can handle those carbon solvants no problem. In fact, surface is so slick that salt does not stick it. Usually snow foam cleans your car fine in winter.. and mitt wash is for finishing.. You dont need those solvant cleaners, normal shampoos are enough..
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