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Discussion in 'Wheels and Tyres' started by Gromb200, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Gromb200

    Gromb200 THE TOFFEE Platinum Member

    Hi, does anyone know what the tyre pressure's are supposed to be? I've got a 200 cup with contisport contact 3's on. :closedeyes:
    I know its a basic question but I can't find anything in the manual!:mellow:
    Feel like a right wasak putting this up, but its the best place by far to get information!!!!!!!! Cheers :tongue_smilie:

  2. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    200 tyre pressure are slightly different to the 197

    is there not a sticker on one of the door shuts ???
  3. Gromb200

    Gromb200 THE TOFFEE Platinum Member

    I will have a look and let you know, thanks for the quick reply. can't believe I am asking a question like this!
  4. There is one, on the passenger side when i remember correctly.
  5. 197 is 30psi on the rear and 33psi on the front I believe.. 200 may be slightly different?
  6. ryan197

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    yo u should have a renaultsport manual like the 197 has come with the car, that will have it in.
  7. its in the door shut on the drivers side.
  8. I use: 33psi front, 30psi rear

    Or: 35psi all round for extended motorway use.

    Although dropping the rears by a couple of psi will reduce back end wobble on heavy braking.
  9. I need the same info - checked the Clio manual and the Renaultsport one and nothing in the door jams either..!
  10. I found on renaultsport site tyre pressure in bars for 197.
    By coverterting BAR->PSI F/R 33.35/30.45


    New Clio Renaultsport 197 Cup, 197 and 197 F1 Team R27
    Continental SportContact 3
    F/R 215/45 17 87W
    Wheel: Renaultsport 7.5x17 ET68
    Cold pressure F/R: 2.3/2.1
  11. I use 33 front and 31 rear
  12. Willis

    Willis The Gatekeeper Platinum Member

    Honda Civic EP3 Type-R
    I use 30 & 30.

    Fronts gain more heat over rears and so more pressure anyway whilst driving.
  13. 200cup andy

    200cup andy Platinum Member

    ive got 100% conformation that the tyre pressures for a 200 are

    for normal running
    front 34psi
    rear 31psi

    for heavy loaded running
    front 35psi
    rear 35psi

    i was cleaning my car and found it on the edge of the drivers door near where the latch is, its a black lable lol

    i can even take a picture to prove it lol
  14. the RS booklet for my car says 33f/30r but its a 197

    maybe the 200 need the extra pound to hold up that big nose!


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