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  1. Hi! I didn't see you comment untill now. I don't go so much in here. I am more on Facebook. Actualy, now I am making a steering wheel for a guy in England, and probably you will se it in shows. His name is Jordan Shaw. If you want to talk more, please find me on Facebook as Androne Georgian.
    Thank you!
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  2. This is a picture of the steering wheel. I can asure you the wheel is simetrical. If you want more pictures and imformation, please find me on Facebook as Androne Georgian and we can talk more.

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  3. Christopher

    Christopher Paid Member

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    I appreciate the work that's gone into it, but it's not for me.
  4. Dmonk197

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    also somehow he has the 220 blade in the front bumper!!
  5. ///M

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    LOT of work gone into that front end. Fog light removal and opening up the grilles to be all one bit, the adding of the blade, the filled in badge and god knows what's been done to the lights to get them like that.

    Really like it.
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  6. MarkTeamF1

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    Steering wheel is the nuts! I'd rather save an Extra £200 and buy one of these then get a re-trim!
  7. Gordini

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    Completely agree. One of my favourite Clios. Shame the thread is so short :worried:
  8. ///M

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    Agreed mate. I'd like to see a full build thread. There are not many who have done anything majorly cosmetic like this.

    To be honest, I'd settle for more photos!

    @agergeorgian anything you can show us? :smile:
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  9. Actualy it is a Megane 250 blade and grill.
  10. I don't have too many decent photos, but afther I will finnish my project on the even more custom interior that I am working at, I will take some profesional photos and make a new thread.
  11. Thank you for apreciating it! I didn't show too much my car, because I want it to be unique. I am not in any car clubs in Romania, I don't go to shows with it. I build it for me, for my pleasure and for making it a nice looking daily car.
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  12. Gordini

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    Good job! You have succeeded! :smile:
  13. ///M

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    Great stuff mate. Look forward to seeing it very much :thumb:
  14. If interested, please contact me on Facebook. I am Androne Georgian. I can make some discount. :smile:
  15. Why is that? Give me some feedback. You don't like the shape, or it is expensive? Find me on Facebook as Androne Georgian and I can make some discount. Thank you!
  16. New steering wheel ready to depart tomorow for England! I think it looks beautiful also like this, without the Renault Sport trim. What do you guys think?

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  17. DS197

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    That wheel looks so good! I love it :french:
  18. Jimmy

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    I like the look of that wheel, very Ferrari-esque!
  19. The more I look at it, the more I like it. I think it is even better looking than my own, because the bottom is more flat than on mine.

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