Standard Silencer Chop.. then map?

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  1. Hi Guy's,

    Thinking of getting the centre silencer chopped out from my standard system then getting it mapped after by K-Tech. I'm looking to
    solve any flatspot problems or at least improved by having it mapped secondly. Or is it not worth the hassle and just mapping it first before
    the chop?



  2. No, map it AFTER the chop. Always best to get your maps done after any other work on the car. That way the mapper has the best chance of doing a proper job of it. Nor sure how great K-Tec at getting rid of the flat spot. Also at the risk of opening a can of worms, I've heard mixed reviews about their mapping skills recently too. Hopefully a member who has used them for something similar will be along soon to give you an experienced answer :smile:
  3. I spoke to them on the phone earlier and they were very against me chopping the silencer as it can cause problems for them whilst trying to map it. Recommended going for a cat-back system instead...
  4. Warren


    Nothing !
    From what others have posted on here it appears to be a tough, if not impossible job to remove the flatspot from a standard box chop.
  5. The Wizard

    The Wizard

    2010 200 Cup
    Why don't you remove the second cat and get ktec to install a decat and then get it mapped (this is what i have). Me personally, I cannot see the benefits of just removing a silencer on this car, but each to their own.
  6. ^^ The reason for the silencer delete is for the noise. Its cheaper (~£40) than the cat delete pipe you mentioned as well.
  7. The Wizard

    The Wizard

    2010 200 Cup
    I know what you mean Rob, but personally I couldn't justify creating a flat spot within the rev range for the sake of it sounding different, which is the only benefit to this mod. I have learnt that in day to day driving it becomes a pita. If he is remapping anyway, then with a decat you still get a little of the noise but with the added benefit of slightly increased performance for only a few quid more. For fears of being shot down here, like I said its each to their own.
  8. IanRS200


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    I had the centre silencer chopped, flat spot was horrendous afterwards! Now I had a scorpion cat back fitted its unnoticeable in comparison. Personally I would advise going for a cat back if funds are available.
  9. Ryan197cup


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    I removed the silencer on mine n the flat spot was quite bad but iv found after time it seems to have settled in, if its just a nicer sound your after blank the acoustic valve vacume pipe and the t piece to the resonator box it's free and makes a nice change to induction noise :smile:

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