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  1. I was wondering if standard clio mk3 seats will be a simple swap for the recaros that are in the car at the moment?
    cheers for any help

  2. Chrisgti6

    Chrisgti6 East Midlands Rep.

    They should swap easily, but why would you want to?!
  3. Chrisgti6

    Chrisgti6 East Midlands Rep.

    Scrap my comment, just ween your other thread.
  4. yep simple swap its whos putting the Recaros in who had the standard who needs resistors.
  5. thanks for the help. I've had the idea of swapping for mk2 clio seats, i know it's a long shot but would they have the same mountings?
  6. As deadmau5 said they will not fit but if you got some subframes you could custom fit them.
  7. ah ok that's good to know, so many options i was getting confusing! (im borrowing a mates mk2 clio and i thought recaros in it would be awsome)
  8. Chrisgti6

    Chrisgti6 East Midlands Rep.

    Have you actually checked with with the insurance company? If it's written off then technically the belongs to them, taking seats may constitute theft?

    If they were a modification you had added and declared then fair enough, but they are standard seats in that car. I'd just be careful if I were you.

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