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    Hi Guys,

    As you are currently aware there is a timer on editing your own posts of 10 minutes, which can be a bit of a hassle when wanting to edit older posts.

    There is a way to change this, but we are unable to do it on a mass scale, meaning that the only way we can do it is to change everybody over manually, which we are prepared to do.

    So if you would like the ability to edit your posts as you wish and for an unlimited period of time all you have to do is reply to this topic, if you no longer see your reply in this topic, you have been changed over and can now edit freely (we will be deleting your post in here once we've edited your account to make the edit unlimited!) We are doing it this way so we dont have to guess who wants this feature - there are thousands of users!

    Please only reply in here the once.

    Many Thanks
    Admin Team
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    Sorted for you @Jim_
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