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  1. how do you find radio code?need to disconnect battery and dont want to block radio

  2. Paul

    Paul Banned Member Platinum Member

    It is in the front of your service booklet, otherwise it will be a trip to Renault
  3. In case anybody looses their radio code or whatever.... Just PM me your security code which is printed on the side of your radio on a should be four digit code or a combination of digits and letters, and i will PM you your radio code back.

  4. ill keep both in mind.thank you very much
  5. daz

    daz Platinum Member Platinum Member

    These can supply codes, for a small fee.
  6. I should be able to get you a code for free too. Will need that number from the rear of the unit though
  7. thanks very much people,really appriciate all the help.when i do what i have planned and if i cant find code,i will be in contact with one of you very kind people :smiley:
  8. Fee?? :huh:

    No, i'll help for free m8. :smile:
    i don't want to be paid for it....hence we are help each other.
    For a fee you can go to nearest renault dealer and get fun...
    Pulling out your radio with two small screwdrivers instead of radio forks....a lot of fun....priceless :jase:

  9. GTS Jinx

    GTS Jinx

    Gillingham kent
    Black Cliosport 197 2007
    Any help would be fantastic.

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  10. I need a radio code if anyone can help me still? Got the serial number ready. Much appreciated
  11. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    welcome back lady :drunk:
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  12. Zuban

    Zuban Paid Member

    Renaultsport Clio 3 RS200
    I have just sold a tunepoint radio fom my 200 and the buyer cant get it to work, presumably it needs an unlock code? is this something that using the serial number would work?
  13. turkie172

    turkie172 Paid Member

    Z313 = 0626 is the code
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  14. TJG

    TJG Paid Member

    Anybody help me out? C7F9C7C5-3E3D-4C89-A2BF-F55DAD75217D.jpeg

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