Quattro A4 avant, pictures added.

Discussion in 'Projects & Progress' started by mitchell197, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. The Dark side has landed, pictures and write up coming soon................. :bounce1:
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  3. Damn! I thought no one would see me!!!!
  4. As I'm on here I'll do a little run down:

    Audi A4 B7 1.8T S-Line Quattro Avant Rosso Red
    Full factory fitted Bose sound system
    Parking sensors
    Blah blah blah

    So far I'm massively impressed, I needed to get a car completely different from the clio so I wouldn't have the excuse to compare, but you know what..... it is just as capable! I've been testing hard and it's like driving on rails set by the clio!! :wink: :wink: ! In fact I'd go as far to say it handles and holds the road nearly as well as the clio! After picking it up and getting it on a dual carriage way I gave it the beans with my dad following behind in his Gti 30 edition, he could not believe the pace it set, of course if he kept pushing he would have got past me, but he admits he was still having to push his hard to keep up the pace! (Obviously lieing!)

    So all I all a good replacement! And it's nice to have a mega sound system for a change!


    AMD re-map too 210bhp
    Rotiform 18 BLQ's + sticky tyres
    H&r springs
    Upgrade the head unit (kenwood?)
    Lamin-x on front and rear lights
    Pressed.metal number plates
    Steering wheel and gear knob re-trim

    Pictures coming soon.
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  5. Deaks


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    Handles and holds the road better? :giggle:

    I'mma kidding

    Looking forward to you getting some pictures up mate and the spec looks nice! Hope the German wagon looks after you.
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    I would say that your clio was broken in that case.
  7. Gez

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    I can't see how a heavier car with just a 1.8T and 163 Hp is quicker and handles better than the Clio? And it's just the A4, not the sports one like an S model or Rs4
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    Glad your enjoying your new motor pal 4wd happy days :thumbup:
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    197 R27
    ye thought all audis are nose heavy making the handling terrible. its probably a case where its quieter and more comfortable leaving you less connected and seems like you are very confused LOL
  10. Dad has the Sline A4 (saloon not avant) with most the options ticked and all factory lowered and sports suspension etc and yes, very good car but they don't handle as well as the clio. Hopefully replacing it soon with an S5 and even still, i cant imagine it will be as good as the clio in the corners.

    Anywho, glad your enjoying :thumbup:
  11. Ouch rough crowd I did forgot to add it's the s-line version. I'll amend previous comments, it's not as sharp and agile, yes, But for a front heavy 1.8T it holds the road very well and eats the b roads still with 163bhp :wink: . It is a cruiser no argument or getting around that true fact, I have no intentions of trying to compare it to my clio. All I'm saying is that compared with other ESTATE cars out there it come closer to home for what I'm used to and AT LEAST ITS NOT A VOLVO!! And It's gunna be a real street cruiser once the 're map and rotiforms are on.

    Thanks for all the comments though, nice to see a car splitting opinion!! Haha
  12. Glad you are happy with it buddy! good to see some pictures up.
  13. This weekend, I'll give it a good clean and take some. Been a busy few days. It's being used loads already because my dad's gti got side swiped by a white van driver on his way home with me on Saturday, so until it's repaired mine is working double. But yes pictures Sat or Sunday.
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    197 R27
    didn't you say you remapped it to 210BHP,

    eats the b roads still with 163bhp :wink:

    Thanks for all the comments though, nice to see a car splitting opinion!! Haha[/QUOTE]
  15. No re map yet, need to save a few pennies first. soon.............. :smile: it will be I interesting to see what difference it makes in the real world.
  16. pictures

    WP_002724.jpg WP_002722.jpg WP_002721.jpg WP_002720.jpg

    needs a good clay and polish, but not bad for a 9year old motorway cruiser!

    [​IMG]with a set of these in spring!! :smile:
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  18. That looks lovely mate!!
  19. Been a while since being on here, site looks wicked!! Update on the car, heko deflectors on now and some Euro style stickers! Need to get the boot and rear bumper 're sprayed due to some rust patches, so when that's gunna be sprayed it will have a complete de badged on the rear and get the new wheels on! Gunna look goooooood!

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