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Discussion in 'Traders, Products and Dealership Reviews' started by Pav, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    As many of you know my car had undergone a megane conversion not long ago.This was carried out by @trevor milnes ,who did a brilliant job..Had all the time in the world to make sure all is spot on( photographs on request).He also fitted my Bilstein coilover kit for me last year and was more than happy with his service.He is always available to discuss anything you want regarding your car(and other stuff too :thumb:).
    Well recommended garage.
    He is based in Manchester and if you need anything doing,just give him a ring on 07581092507. P_20170513_172904.jpg
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  2. trevor milnes

    trevor milnes

    Nice Pav thanks mate we try are best
  3. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    I can also vouch for Trevor - genuinely great guy, very helpful, and can I definitely recommend him for any work doing.
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  4. sevenfourate

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    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Whens the "RENAULT sport Specialist" sign going up over the door Trevor ? :smile:
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  5. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    Trev doesnt approve of the word "Specialist" :sweatsmile:
  6. ///M

    ///M Gold Member

    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Quality posting guys. Nothing better than a personal recommendation from someone who knows what they're on about.
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  7. Siliconsteve

    Siliconsteve Paid Member

    I spoke to specialist Trev about driveshafts but his dodgy accent needed translation
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  8. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    haha be glad you havent spoken to me yet :sweatsmile:
  9. Siliconsteve

    Siliconsteve Paid Member

    Can't be worse!

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