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Discussion in 'Wheels and Tyres' started by Rs200matt, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Rs200matt


    RS200 Clio
    Time to get some new tyres I've been thinking either nankang ns2r or federal rsr? Anyone had any experience with these... Or any other potential tyres?

  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    I have no experience of the two you mention, but Goodyear Eagle F1 AS2 are a popular choice on the forum. Not the same sort of tyres as those two though :smile:
  3. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Both decent tyres, nankangs are a bit dodgy in the wet apparently!

    ad08 (r's) are also popular!
  4. Deaks


    Nimbus 197 FF
    I have ns-2rs as my summer tire choice. (Medium compound) and I prefer them over my old Yoko AD08s. They do let up when spanked on track though where the RSR would probably be fine. My winter tires are rainsport 3's so I don't really know the ns-2rs wet grip. Although I do have a clenched bum when on the motorway in the wet with them.. that probably says enough!
  5. Stubonez

    Stubonez Paid Member

    Meg'd mk3 200
    I currently run goodyear eagle f1s and been on a few track days. Very impressed and don't wear quickly. Though i'm really interested in the Dunlop Sport Mxx RT's so going for them next! Will also be running a 205/45/17 on a 7.5 rather than my current 215.
  6. -Eddie-

    -Eddie- Missing In Action Paid Member

    200 Cup
    I have the Goodyear Eagle F1, they are grand but I think I'll be going for the AD08r next time around as I can get them fitted at a keen price.
  7. Kazumz

    Kazumz Paid Member

    Clio RS 200 Gordini
  8. paulgwatts


    clio 197
    Hi,ive just purchased some hanook tyres they are really good especially in the wet the grip is amazing,it had federal on it when I bought it and they almost caused me to crash going round a slight bend at about 50 mph and front tyres didn't want to grip,what a difference the new ones make
  9. Numbnut

    Numbnut Platinum Member

    I'm running the 595 RS-rr's and they're a good tyre. Pretty crap in the wet tho.
  10. nutnutwelshman

    nutnutwelshman Spa-tacus Area Rep

    DUNLOP SPORT RT one my 200T been very happy 7 track days including two spa's and the ring
  11. Mattb_197


    Clio Sport 197
    Please don't put cheap ditch finders on your pride and joy! Still find it shocking that people can spend a fortune on their cars in some cases trying to improve it, then go and fit middle of the road tyres.

    In 215/45/17 it's not too expensive to get decent ones. I've got ContiSport 5s on mine and they are about £75 a corner (plus fitting). The Goodyears mentioned above are good too and a little bit cheaper. Those two would be what I would go for, or the Michelin if your feeling flush, but they come in at over £110 a corner. Said to be a brilliant tyre though.

    I usually buy all my tyres from here and then take them to a local fitter who puts them on with new valves and balances them for £11 a corner.
  12. montana


    North West, UK
    Deep Black 197
    Check out tyre leader and eBay for competitive pricing (aswell as Camskill). Tyre reviews is a good resource like [MENTION=41063]Pav[/MENTION] linked to.
  13. Rs200matt


    RS200 Clio
    Who said I was buying cheap ditch finders
  14. JSD


    +1 for Dunlop sport rt.
  15. Ive just got a set of federal 595 RSR's for mine been in my mates M3 track car with them on and was very impressed!
  16. Mattb_197


    Clio Sport 197
    Tongue in cheek :d

    I've just seen it oh so many times on car forums when people ask about tyres. They are quite happy to spend hundreds on suspension modifications then go and fit something like Runway Euduro's for £30 a corner.
    The only thing those things are good for is runway'ing your car into a bush!
  17. rugby56


    newport south wales
    rs200 / williams clio
    my goodyear f1 only lasted 8000 miles back on conti as from today the goodyears are good but dont wear very well
  18. CallorFold

    CallorFold Platinum Member

    Clio 220 Trophy
    Not sure what you've been doing to them.... I've done approx 6K miles on 2mm tread (front tyres)...
  19. rsevo

    rsevo Paid Member

    Isle of wight
    Gw rs200 cup
    Can I ask what people think is best all rounder? Since buying car last year my 200 had different tyre on each wheel ..... Has lasted year but x4 new tyres is coming soon, any thoughts welcome, car is daily for my partner during week and more of toy for me for weekend, no track days on horizon cheers lawrence

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