New membership paid when do I get pack

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  1. Westallc

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    Hi guys

    I have become a fully paid member and it said I will receive a welcome pack how and when do we get these ??

    Many thanks


  2. matt9566

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    Hi There

    The pack will be posted out to you, give them some time though as they're usually sent out in batches I think so take a little longer.

    Bear with them and you will receive it, if you haven't received it in a couple of weeks give one of the forum admins a message and they will look in to it for you.

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  3. sevenfourate

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    This is correct. All membership packs are sent out on-block normally. So can take a week or two. Only being a small club - we don't have a dedicated membership officer etc !!
  4. Westallc

    Westallc Platinum Member

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    That's perfect been a few weeks that's why I asked thanks for the comments look forward to it
  5. Westallc

    Westallc Platinum Member

    197 f1
    Thank you that's perfect

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