My new race car.

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    200 Rs CUP
  2. Sean197

    Sean197 RIP Albi :( Moderator

    Fife, Scotland
    Albi 197T - RIP, MK7 Golf GTD Sports Wagon
    amazing pics, looks great on the red wheels :smile:
  3. Micah

    Micah Clumsy McButterfingers Moderator

    Clio 220 Trophy
    The Kent weather was gorgeous on Saturday, wish I'd bloody gone now!
    Car looks amazing, you must be well impressed - how was the day in general? Any arses about or is there generally good behaviour on an MSV day?
  4. Marsch


    Berlin, Germany
    Stealth Grey RS 200
    Great photos!

    What kind of rims are these? Are they from an other Renault and what's their name?
  5. Sean197

    Sean197 RIP Albi :( Moderator

    Fife, Scotland
    Albi 197T - RIP, MK7 Golf GTD Sports Wagon
    'Silverstone' wheels, off the Renault Laguna.
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  6. Ecoheatmatt

    Ecoheatmatt Paid Member

    Clio 200.
    So leaving the Clio at its 202bhp naturally aspirated state did not last long , now this is not because it was not fun on track as it really was but we have booked in to do Dutch and European time attack and there are some very very long straights that will just put the Clio way too far behind as it will be in pro class so I have opted to go for a rotrex supercharger on stock engine so looking for around 300bhp.

    Can anyone tell me what the carbon Airbox is worth as this will no longer be required.
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  7. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    good times are ahead of you..looking forward to seeing this...
  8. Big Ben

    Big Ben Paid Member

    As above. Should be flying machine once chargered
  9. ///M

    ///M Gold Member

    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Looking forward to the charger results. Good call.

    As for the price of the R3 intake, there’s a member on here selling them, might give you an idea how to price it.

    Seem to remember seeing a genuine one for sale on here a while back too. Might be worth a search of the for sale forum.

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