My 1-2hour wash?!

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by M19TNR, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Look for Forensic Detailing on YouTube, the guy is really good and does a lot of tutorials.
    You'll be hard pushed to do any damage at all with a DA polisher. My advice is to get a medium cutting pad (orange) for the cutting stage, then a black finishing pad for the polishing. Then a second black finishing pad for the Collinite 845. I've done this with mine and it works a treat.
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    Cheers Sean, any brands that stick out for you in terms of pads? I was looking at the Hex Logic ones..?

    Just read that you use Glisten on a wet car then dry after, do you find it gives a better finish or is it just purely to cut out a stage of drying then buffing again?
  3. Sean197

    Sean197 RIP Albi :( Moderator

    Fife, Scotland
    Albi 197T - RIP, MK7 Golf GTD Sports Wagon
    I use the Hexlogic ones, and have also used a few ebay 'hex' pads (probably cheap Hexlogic copies) and they've been fine. The black finishing pads I use came with my DA kit, along with the Menzerna cutting compound and Super Finish Plus.
    Once I've done my final rinse, I usually do the interior quickly (dash and trims with Autoglym interior shampoo) while the worst of the water dries (but not completely dry), then go round the car spraying the Glisten, then round again with a buffing towel. It seems to work fine, not really noticed a vast difference between that and doing it when completely dry, but it does save time!
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    Snowfoam is meant to be a pre-wash, so the main action is to soften the grime / dirt, so that it minimises potential swirls.

    If you just jetwash it, it runs across the surface with high force, and as it will be dried and hard it can cause micro-scratches, the snowfoam softens this, so then it is less abrasive :smile:
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