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    Bit of a long story.

    I picked up my Clio last year and one of the little things that always bugged me was the stereo was not the original item. It was a Renault bluetooth item but from a Kangoo or something similar so it didn't fit perfectly into the dash opening. All fuctions worked (phone, music streaming etc) but the usb and aux plugs didn't. This annoyed far more than it probably should (considering I did not use the aux or usb) but it was something that needed to be fixed for my own sanity.

    My first port of call was to contact Renault in search of the original spec of my car and to get the part number for the factory fitted head unit. After a surprising amount of time they returned with a part number and another quick call got me the price :worried: which was a little more than I had hoped. I decided to do a little hunting around and set up ebay alerts for the part number I needed in case I got lucky. I didn't, the exact item I wanted sold for £80 2 days before I started looking and I haven't seen another since.

    I was patient but didn't see the same part number and I wasn't sure of what minor differences there may be between parts, so did not want to take a risk. In the end my patients ran out and I saw a stereo and dash top display for a very good price, not the same part number but it looked the same, what could possibly go wrong!

    It arrived, it fitted, I got the code from here and everything worked including usb and aux. Result. I didn't bother with the display as I already had the appropriate one.

    So skip forward a month or so with Christmas etc out of the way and my mind turned to the RS Monitor, I know its just calculated oil temp and mostly a gimmick, but it's a cool gimmick and I wanted it! I began my research on here and other forums trying to find out if it could be retro fitted or not, found mixed opinions on the matter and a lack of solid information until I happened upon a thread stating it could be done. The twingo boys had managed it and that was my start point.

    I needed an RS Monitor display (280347874R) a car with the bluetooth stereo and someone with some clip skills. Then I remembered I had that display knocking around thought I would check the part no. and much to my surprise I got lucky. So with that hurdle gracefully sidestepped It was time to see what the steps with clip would be.

    Reading up on the Twingo forums and the steps look something like this-

    1. select the 653 ECU (multimedia ecu)
    2. go into programming mode (upper right icon with some tools on it)
    3. select "write configuration" on the left side menu ( second icon from the top under the home )
    4. Select CF001 from the menu on the right and re-calibrate the newly installed RS Monitor
    5. turn radio OFF in de ECU365
    6. After doing that you can re-configure the language of the screen and thats about it.

    I had heard that Renault Yeovil had done this for someone in the past.
    So armed with this information I headed out to the car to put in the RS Monitor display and see if it had any life in it before clip got involved. Much to my surprise it worked without any messing around at all (I had to set the clock!) It would appear the stereo and display I had purchased came from a car with RS Monitor factory fitted so when it came to activation the right boxes were already ticked. This does mean I cannot confirm if the above steps will work, but for anyone interested in trying It will hopefully save them a little research.

    Right i'm off to see how many G's I can muster on the nearest available roundabout.
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    Well I hope you get more use of it than I do. I tried it once and have never bothered since. Well done on your perseverance though
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    Does somebody know the partnumber for the frame around the rs monitor?
    My shelf hasn't any hole for the rs monitor...
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    Was this on a 197 or a 200???
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    Nice job but I have it in mine did the peddle and steering map and have never used it again

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