Do Megane R26 wheels and Tyres fit? I gather the wheels do but....

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  1. Hi All

    I think I am right in thinking the Megane R26 wheels go straight on (looking on the massive wheel thread)

    But do we have to change the tyre sizes/profiles to fit into a standard Clio 197?

    Many thanks all

  2. Micah

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    You can compare the dimensions here by looking at the details for the Megane then the Clio

    Looks like the wheel will fit but the tyre profile isn't the same.
  3. I know they are physically slightly bigger but didn’t know if this actually causes any issues at all or wether lots of people use them?
  4. Micah

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    It will just throw your speedo out of kilter if you're running the wrong profile. The only other potential issue might be rubbing on the arches but I have no knowledge on this!
  5. Marsch


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    The rims from the R26R fit without a problem. I know that because some special editions are sporting them. This makes me guess that the normal ones should fit, too.
  6. R27WTF

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    Iv got them on mine with no issues and there forsale also 3fdb7012c4efa8d26d18a29627e90b71.jpg

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  7. Foxspeed

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    had them on mine as well - no problems used both 225/35-18 & 225/40-18 tyres

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