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  1. Yeah I just swapped it over. My brother in law bought one second hand a few months ago for his Twingo 133 so they're still about!

  2. Benno

    Benno Gold Member

    I'm in love with that Inferno....what a piece of kit! You must be proud of that Dan! Shame you had to get rid but the time always comes...

    Your 200 looks spot on too, great job with the vinyls...I'd never have the patience to even try it.

    Might have to keep my eye out for a Mk2 net, that looks really tidy, hell of a lot tidier than my boot at the moment..:oops:
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  3. FCS 2016 soon came around. I bought a club stand ticket and showed my car with CSOC as I knew quite a few members on there from when I had the old car -

    received_10213085728129835.jpeg received_10213085727409817.jpeg received_10213085727009807.jpeg received_10213085730289889.jpeg received_10213085732049933.jpeg received_10213085729009857.jpeg received_10213085732489944.jpeg received_10213085731009907.jpeg received_10213085732009932.jpeg received_10213085732209937.jpeg received_10213085730689899.jpeg

    I had a really good time at FCS, met lots of new people from other stands and the camping and late night pissing about is always fun.

    Do you have club stands at all these events?
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    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Sorry to hijack your thread so soon Dan.

    Just looked @Benno - and the one i bought was a 70cm x 70cm version. Loads on ebay of various qualities from £5 upwards. It fits pretty well to be fair (You know how much research i'd have done beforehand !). Just not quite as tailored as the MK2 looks to fit perhaps...

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  5. I just hope I can get the 200 to that kind of standard. A lot of time went into the 182 haha.

    My other brother in law (Batesy) had a white 200 with black stripes and I really liked how that looked so it got me looking at sticker kits early on lol.

    Yeah I didn't realise there was a difference with the boot nets until about 10 minutes ago :tearsofjoy:
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    Megane 275 Trophy
    looks spot on, ill be at the french car show this year hopefully :smile: i must get some black tpi bolts tho.
  7. Thanks mate. Yeah I've been looking at those but tbh, I think I'll get a stud & nut conversion with black nuts
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  8. The next modification is one of my favourites. The cup spoiler! I originally managed to get my hands on a cup racer spoiler from a local race team. These had the smooth end plates, smooth underside of the spoiler and the different mounting points.

    I bought this when I still had the 182 as a bit of a project but decided against it and sold the spoiler but kept the end plates.

    FB_IMG_1514923623336.jpg FB_IMG_1514923612997.jpg

    I liked the smoothed look of the spoiler instead of the indented 'RenaultSport' text so I bought a regular cup spoiler and filled it.

    received_10213085738170086.jpeg received_10213085738130085.jpeg received_10213085737210062.jpeg

    I decided I liked the smooth end plates better as well so painted those yellow. I was really happy with the outcome!


    After this I did a few more little mods which included black centre caps, a new steering wheel insert and a black sunstrip -

    received_10213085744490244.jpeg received_10213085745170261.jpeg received_10213085747730325.jpeg
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    Bury St Edmunds
    LY Clio RS 200
    Car looks mint Dan, seen it a couple times in the flesh and always looks superb! Makes me jealous for a set of speedlines on LY!

    Would you recommend any bodyshops for any LY work? Just in case the dreaded day comes where it needs any work!
  10. tombate911

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    2010 Clio RS200
    Brilliant work so far mate. I've seen this car around many times on Social media.
  11. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    fancy the fire extinguisher set..have you got a link pls???
  12. Thanks mate! I do like the standard speedlines but wouldn't mind a set of OZ's or turini's lol.

    I work at a bodyshop in Mansfield and we've painted 3 liquid yellow cars. They've always turned out decent!

    Cheers mate, yeah I normally stick to Facebook and Instagram tbh

    My dad bought it me a few years ago through his work. I can find out the size for you? Most come with the little bracket so I just secured it to the plastic under the glovebox
  13. RossWoods93

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    Bury St Edmunds
    LY Clio RS 200
    Thanks Dan, I’ll be in contact should I require any work then! Worth travelling that bit extra knowing somewhere can match LY!
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    albi blue 197 with boost
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  15. We normally do an event called 'Clio's In The Woods' a few times a year at Clumber Park when the weather is nice and try to get some good photos of the cars. (Autumn is my favourite tbh)

    Here's a few photos that people took of the 200 with a couple of other LY's, sporting its new spoiler and sun strip -

    received_10213085751090409.jpeg received_10213085746530295.jpeg received_10213085752650448.jpeg received_10213085745650273.jpeg received_10213085748850353.jpeg received_10213085749730375.jpeg received_10213085752450443.jpeg
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  16. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    i do like them pics above..what a trio :thumb:
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  17. I got chatting to Paul at Diamond Performance who makes all the badge covers and other various parts. Now some of you may know I do hydrodipping, so we decided to make a batch of diamond covers in a carbon fibre effect, as well as a few other bits and bobs.

    Here's a few photos as I thought you might like to see them. This was over a year ago now so various other carbon designs have been released since then which look a little more realistic. Even so, these did look good!

    FB_IMG_1515003652516.jpg FB_IMG_1515003655933.jpg FB_IMG_1515003648736.jpg FB_IMG_1515003953651.jpg FB_IMG_1515003958346.jpg FB_IMG_1515003967966.jpg

    He also gave me a set of black covers which look so much better than the standard silver badges imo so they went straight on!

    FB_IMG_1515003545730.jpg FB_IMG_1515003536614.jpg FB_IMG_1515003543068.jpg FB_IMG_1515003539972.jpg

    The next little mod to brighten up the interior was a set of yellow seat belts. I bought these off another member on the Clio group and gave them a good clean when I got home -

    received_10213085796811552.jpeg received_10213085756810552.jpeg

    And a random photo of the Clio and a rainbow :tearsofjoy:

  18. jamesgw200

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    Megane 275 Trophy
    looks great mate, i like the diamonds alot!
  19. Cheers! Only just getting around to hydrodipping my own parts after having the car for 2 years :sweatsmile:
  20. Pav

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    albi blue 197 with boost

    is the way to go...
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