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  1. DannyAG200

    DannyAG200 Gold Member

    Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire
    Alien Green 200, mini cooper d
    SKIP TO PAGE 4, old thread revived.
    the real magic happens on pg4+.

    running megane f1 engine, Clio box, home built car!


    So, been on here for about a week now so thought I'd start my own thread.
    own a 2010 alien green Clio Rs 200
    cup chassis
    cup suspension
    recaro bucket seats
    climate control
    speedline wheels


    Not it really looking to do allot to this car, maybe an exhaust, nothing too loud and induction, maybe a map.

    Let the picture do the talking






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  2. Fernandez

    Fernandez Gold Member

    Ches Vegas
    Project Lotus is go
    That's what they all say. Welcome to the forum
  3. Giles


    Red 197 & Trophy 220
    very nice mate and welcome!
  4. Glenn_Adam_Doble

    Glenn_Adam_Doble Platinum Member

    RS 200 Raider #3/50
  5. melvin1993

    melvin1993 Scotland | Alba Rep

    Turriff (Aberdeenshire)
    Clio RS200 AG/ PH1 172
    Looking good!:smile: not enough AG in my opinion
  6. badbuzz2

    badbuzz2 Paid Member

    welcome great looking motor :thumbup:
  7. AG is eye catching nice motor:thumbup:
  8. Great car, love the 3rd pic!
  9. kash


    Tangerine scream Focus ST
    lovely car :smile:, renault did some awesome colours on the mk3's
  10. LukeRS


    GW 200
    Very nice. Great colour.
  11. DannyAG200

    DannyAG200 Gold Member

    Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire
    Alien Green 200, mini cooper d
    Haven't got a massive update but....
    2 Days detailing my car after my previous owner used to take it through spinning car washes! Couldn't stand tiny scratches and swirly paint..
    during that I found both cv boot clips had snapped and a leaky exhaust..

    heres a a few pictures of the car after detailing :smile:

  12. FaithlessEmo


    Sutton coldfield
    Renault Clio 200
    Really appreciate alien green paint when u see how much dynamic light it has in it. All too often it looks flat. Love the pics.
  13. great job mate love the motor.
  14. DannyAG200

    DannyAG200 Gold Member

    Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire
    Alien Green 200, mini cooper d
    Thank you bud! Yeah untill light hits it looks a flat dull green. But as you can see every angle of these photos it looks a complete different colour. Really do like it when the suns out
  15. LiamS77


    West Midlands
    Clio RS 200
    Looks really good. Wheels look great. What did you use on them.
  16. DannyAG200

    DannyAG200 Gold Member

    Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire
    Alien Green 200, mini cooper d
    Bringing up my old thread!
    car was for sale but decided against selling it, I've actually only done akrapovic evo system on the car in the whole year of owning it. Now Recently sold the akrapovic to free up some spare cash...These cars don't need allot more, but saving my money atm for the conversion il be carrying out myself. Cars seen better days, wrapped half the bumper matte black to pretect it from damaging more paint, wrapped lower bumper lip and a few more parts, sunstrip, cars been keyed ( nice of them ) also had an encounter with a jealous guy ( girlfriends ex) who though kicking my car in was clever.. Moving in swiftly I managed to pull most the dents out myself. Only done usual servicing regularly, rebuilt my breaks front and rear, new hub joint, new driveshafts on my 4th gearbox at 82k now. First failed at 57k then the 2 after we're naff or something wasn't right and clutch wouldn't work etc but 10k later this box seems to be holding up.
    car lost allot of power and run pants.. Got bored one day and wanted to smash one of my catalytic converters out.. Took it out to find it had collapsed and twisted, found my issue by boredom! So precat was knackered, flexi pipes are fine so screwdriver, pliers and a hammer I started hitting it out.. What an improvement to performance! Seems to actually pull now. No flat spots at all



    Engine cleaned up too

    i shall be updating this more often from now :smiley:

    front end of the car now, oh yeah I've wrapped all my badges in reflective yellow! Even on the wheels.. Just wanted to be abit different
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  17. DannyAG200

    DannyAG200 Gold Member

    Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire
    Alien Green 200, mini cooper d
    Another update;

    Temporary Fixed my coolant bottle that kept falling off as the bolts missing (friends got a cup racer bracket to stop it breaking)
    heko wind deflectors on
    changed my rear discs and pads, wasn't too much hassle
    thinking about painting calipers Yellow??
    this weekend i shall be installing my latest purchase of some Billies Coilovers :smiley:, will follow up with some pictures on Saturday/Sunday
    install C3 washer jets
    apply new Instagram logos to my car
    put rear seats back in as me, my girlfriend and son are off to Scotland for a few days
    new tyre going on the mini d as my brothers used the car with tyre pressures low... DORK

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  18. DannyAG200

    DannyAG200 Gold Member

    Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire
    Alien Green 200, mini cooper d

    Had my car serviced 4months ago cambelt kit, aux kit etc etc carried out by Renault themselves, just want a full Renault history.
    Done my normal 6000mile oil filter and oil change just in time for holiday trip to Scotland, so my car had all new fluids all topped up ready for the journey of me my girlfriend and son.
    1073 miles later car didn't miss a beat and managed 430 miles to my tank! impressed me that's for sure, joys of cruise control at 68mph :smile:

    Anyhow, finished work one day and met my girlfriend and son, on the way home i asked my boy what car he wants to go in.. he loves the Clio so he said green car :smiley:
    anyhow typical my girlfriends been teaching him the diamond on the car means it always breaks haha cursed me. Got up the road, accelerating 3rd gear. thud! no power, clutch in and hazards on and engine off. Manage to pull over and first thing i looked for was an oil leak.. no oil leak! few. noticed my auxiliary belt was frayed and knackered. this couldn't be why my car would now longer not start, car was spinning over but nothing happened. anyhow called my dad up to be towed home, realized i had lent my tow eye to Kam for his track day! ooops. bonnet off and towed it by the torque arm for the engine, it worked

    weekend come, bonnet up, compression test begins. spark was there, fuel was priming but 0 compression. no compression at all on all 4, so we got the endoscope out to check for piston damage and nope all seemed okay, which only could mean the valves were open slightly giving no compression. Realized after this time i could see a gap so i could view the timing chain was in one piece, bingo! saw something that shouldn't be there, possibly the aux belt??
    not a happy bunny we call Renault up saying car was done now 4 months ago and its got no compression.
    few calls later they found out the aux belt failed and got pulled into the timing cover and skipped the timing out by a tooth!! they set it all up again and started, no compression so off come the head at Renault.

    so no the head got send off to be rebuild as as suspected valves were bent but apparently no piston damage. head had been built with new valves etc, on the car again fitted with all new parts yet again and apparently runs perfect!

    Collecting it tomorrow, glad it was done under warranty and not my own pocket, even threw in a new exhaust clamp for me. its been over a week now and damaged my back at work which means i cant drive anyway and signed off work, bummer.
    sorry for long story but its an update, pics to follow :smiley:
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