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    right i did a bit of a search for my alarm information i had from a few years back and here goes

    its a 7887 system for renault

    on the last page there is this -

    "alarm memory function (option)"

    if the alarm has occurred the buzzer will give 4 signals instead of 1.
    the alarm description information is given by different LED blinking which will be available until the ignition key will be turned on. see below -

    1 blink = doors, bonnet, boot have been opened
    2 blinks = additional sensor triggered
    3 blinks = ultrasonic volumetric sensor triggered
    4 blinks = attempts to start (ignition key)
    6 blinks = tamper mode
    7 blinks = serial line communication error

    its a bit sparce but all i have for the moment :001_huh:

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    Nice find though Si

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