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Hi Marc are you selling those refurbished handles for the Mk3 that you posted or are they just for your own car?

Thanks Paul
Hi mate what offset/size are your wheels and where did you buy?
I managed to pick them up second hand and had them refurbished.
Nik, good afternoon

Tying to update to a paid member, but can’t see how to. Can you please point me in the right direction.

update, battery swapped to odyssey 630 mounted behind glove box on fire wall. Had to shorten back of glove box by 10cm. R3 fibreglass airbox installed with gold heat reflective wrap, custom connector to AFM. 15mm wheel spacers all around. Battery Isolator fitted to centre console. Rear wiper delete. Coolant tank relocation done on custom bracket. Bonnet stay mod, bracket, relocation done - Pics to follow shortly.
actually tyres are 40 profile not 45, like 4mm clear of the front inner wing cover.
Hi, I think I'm interested in the interior. Did you say you're not breaking the car? Does the steering wheel match? Is it available?
Muddi Camel
have you got a few more pictures - particularly of the drivers seat please? Are they still in the car?
Yeah they are still in the car. I’m going to head over to where it’s kept to get some pics. There is a tiny mark on the bolster which has been repaired by a trimmer.
Hey mate. Hopefully will get some better pictures of the seats as they are at the moment from my mate who has the car in his garage at the moment.
Hi, Do you have the invoice for it all? How much are you looking for?
I have a email receipt and I'm looking for around £150 for it but I'm open to offers
Hey I followed a thread where you were talking about a front RS splitter. I had one installed today, but there is a 1mm-3mm gap all the way round so much so that the garage pumped black silicone in. It looks terrible. Just wondered if there is anyway to close the gap/ is it a case of redoing/ could it be a faulty part? Sorry, just don't know where or who to ask. Thanks.
if its a genuine renault rs front splitter there should be no gaps as they fit right up to the bumper profile