Workshop for conversion process in EU.

Hello to all.
I am looking for a workshop that can perform a conversion to f4r774 engine + ND0 gearbox in EU.
It is desirable as close as possible to Russia. For example Poland, Germany, Finland.
If there are no such workshops, then maybe someone will be able to advise anyone other than KTEC?
They counted me about 6,700 pounds. However, they do not want to help remotely for money, asking to bring them a car for 4 weeks. Delivery of Clio from Russia to UK is very expensive.
I also contacted the guys from engine-dynamics, they advised me to contact with AW Motorworks.
Maybe some one know this workshop?
I had an idea to find a company in the UK which will collect all the necessary spare parts, test engine and gearbox, maybe refresh them after with detailed instructions for conversion send kit to logistic broker in UK. And already he will deliver it to me in Russia.


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Alex at Aw motorworks comes highly recommended, he was originally at engine dynamics until they decided to concentrate on parts and mapping.
He has done several conversion's.