who forgot then!


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to be honest dont see the point anymore changing clocks.....this day and age we might as well leave them as they are :foxspeed:
wait a minute - i'm wrong. my laptop did it automatically, lol. my phone is still on half 9, lol. and my netbook is on the correct half 10 :smile: for germany....


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I don't know and I don't car lol! I was even more confused by being up early for the GP!

I might see you guys at KK at 12/1/2pm hahahaha!


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Lets hope iPhone's do their usual trick to highlight how crap they are :wink:


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I had to be somewhere very early this morning. So the missus chager here phone time before we went to bed and set an alarm and I left mine to change itself and set an alarm. We got woken up by her Blackberry at 3.45am then my X10 at 4.45am. So top marks to both phones for automatically changing the time. Can never be too sure though, technology quite often drops a testicle doesn't it! Lol!