Wheel Arch “Bag”


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I had not noticed until today that in the passenger side front arch I have got what looks like a padded black “bag” thing, but in the drivers side front arch there is nothing similar.


Can anyone tell me what this is, and if I should have one in the drivers side front arch?


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They all have them.

I took mine out and binned.

Every summer on a good day the arches get stripped and was he out.

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Mine was hanging out my arch recently and I assumed it was some random shitr that had got stuck in there during some of the flooded roads we got with the snow .

Now I know it but can't see me sticking it back in


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Car companies don't fit stuff that's not needed the purpose of most things might not be obvious but my take on this is the plastic bag is to fill the wing cavity maybe to reduce the road noise a bit but allows more direct focused extraction of the under bonnet hot air out through the wing vents similar to cupping your hands in front of your mouth if you want to shout over a larger distance, every part has a price for the manufacturer which also is not obvious in our climate but with extreme temperatures +30 °C or track could have a greater effect on the life of the electrics/plastics under the bonnet.