Weird front wipers problem

The car is Clio 3 and the year is 2007. So the wipers turn on for a few seconds, slow down and then they turn off on random position. The weird thing is they must get power because they do turn on, randomly for a few seconds but they do. On diagnostic in UHC, the stalk positions are getting read. In UPC when they do activate (eventually) i can see their speed (timer, slow, fast), parking position is always missing (probably because they stop in random positions). One thing i noticed is when they are activated on fast speed they start going fast then protection activates they switch to slow and then stop. Checked the wipers, greased them, everything seems fine (i can see in diagnostic that it acts the same with or without wipers). Grounding the green wire activates protection. Took the UPC to electrician who said that everything seems fine. I'm running out of ideas and can't find anything like this (most of the posts are when wipers don't work at all). Has anybody ever had a problem like this?