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I get a warning from bitdefender when trying to load the main page, but not if I enter the link for new posts for example. Been getting it for a while.

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When I log in Safari is telling me the site is not secure. Anyone else seeing this?
Yes mate I am. Been seeing this for a few weeks now. I did mention it privately to a nod a while back....


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I have just had to add it to a whitelist for our web security as its being catogorised as Phishing/Unsecure.

Not really the best. Either this forum software is unsecure or the domain has been blacklisted i think.


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If you use the certificate is self signed and expired in 2014. :tearsofjoy:

The browsers might be picking up on this and marking it as unsecure as most try to redirect you to a https version of a website if it is available.


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Thanks for the heads up guys. This is something that @Nik needs to clarify to us about, as he handles the software side of things. It does seem we need some reassurance as to the status of the safety certificate.

Thanks in advance Nik.
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