Various pics of my C3RS "Sport Auto Edition"

The one on the right in the second photo of post #3 is wrapped. You can barely make out a difference. Only under certain light conditions you'll notice that the paint has a little more "play" and is changing more. It can actually go from greenish to purple.

That's put together from various shots of my car under different light conditions.



About six years ago...

XGTEXEI - Imgur.jpg

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Met with @RSevo201 today to get his opinion about my new setup. Got approved by him so far. He asked me if we could also collect his car from the detailer. No problem but let's drive my "local track" before. While he was still behind the wheel and we were turning at a T-junction I spotted something colourful in the corner of my eye. Told him to look back. He goes nuts and says take some photos. I took some photos without really knowing what's going on.




He stopps at the next bus stop and the thing stopps next to us.


Tried to communicate but wasn't really possible because the thing was too loud.


The thing takes off again. Was a full-blown rally Evo with anti-lag, sequential box and on slicks.

Then we went on to collect his car.




On the parking lot I noticed that my front right is rubbing. :cry:

To chear me up a little he did let me drive his tracktoy. Completely different car with the setup he runs and all the Gucci like the CAE shifter.
I'm back from our joruney to the 11th Renault Sport & Alpine Meeting in Aix les Bains, France.

Here's a shot of my car on the Col de la Forclaz which was the goal of the first tour.


Got some signatures from Jean Ragnotti in/on my Clio now.




Here's a link to an album with my photos from the visit. I took over 180.

Warning: Viewing the following photos may cause dislocated jaws and gasping!

11e Rassemblement Renault Sport & Alpine 2023 - Aix les Bains, France

Did some "free driving" at our local track with @RSevo201 and a buddy with his Meglio yesterday.


There also was a larger delegation of the local Hyundai N Division present but they didn't really wanted to play with us after they realised what they were dealing with. I also overtook a GR Yaris which "let lose" because he presumably got demoralized after RSevo201 blew by him. Was a fun day and also got the pleasure to get a passenger stint in the nearly finished M3RS Meglio swap.

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