UltraRed 200 FF CUP - Weekend warrior

I know two people which run that manifold with V6 airbox, big throttle body and Akra. One is mapped the other not so far. Both go quite well.
Thanks. I will have a look at RStuner, what it shows and make some logged runs. Maybe reload the Stg1 map.
Little update again. Tried to reload Fastchip STG1 map on Toyo manifold.Results were slightly better but car still runs really sluggish and weird. Also there still were knocking sound and manifold developed some whistling sount in higher rpm. Maybe some leak, but it was pressure tested after mounting and everything was fine. My patience came to an and so I let the original manifold be repaired. New flexis and custom made Y pipe.
Now toyosport is out, original manifold back , STG1 map reloaded and car runs as well as before the manifold failed. Dunno why, but my car simply did not like the Toyosport manifold and it also did not function with Fastchip STG1 map well. Car will be now sitting in the garage over winter. For the next season, i will ask Henk for remote custom mapping ,so everything runs as good as possible.
Also changed conical bushings that connects steering rods to hubs. Seems like it solves the knocking problem.

Car has now celebrated 100.000Km so lets hope it will run strong for another :smile:

I also very much like Potenza Sport tires. They're very good at wet, better than GY Assymetric 6 I would say. They complement stiff HR/Cup cobo bettery than Goodyears. Lets see how they will wear, through hotter summer. Buw I would like to buy second sset of wheels with some semis anyways. (maybe try Hankook RS4).


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Ah ok.

My friends car used to whistle around the same point, but per the video, it was more of a resonance.

He had the toyo downpipe and milltek catback