Twingo RS 133

Some of you might remember me from the R27 and the Christmas meal out...

I'm back in an RS and having fun again! and this is a place holder for the car but its the only pictures I have until the weekend I'm afraid.


Renault Sport Twingo 133
RS seats, gear knob, handbrake.
Full fat spec
Cup chassis
Gloss black 17" cup rims
49,000 Miles
Standard RS ECU, filter etc, no mods.

Issues I've noted in the first week of ownership - (Not in order of severity)
Body work isn't immaculate, it has scratches and chips but I'm ok with that, I went for this one because it was black and low miles.
The offside front light is misting up, common fault.
There is a rubbing noise offside that I'm sure is wheel bearings.
The stock head unit is dreadful, and so are the speakers!, I'm looking for something simple with USB connectivity and orange key light. Looking like a Pioneer DEH X8700BT could work.
Service history is ok, but not lavish.
Brakes are not right, the pedal has to be stamped on sometimes and other times it sends me through the windscreen! slight exaggeration as it feels safe to drive with this noted.
AC is warm, but I'll leave this till next year as its autumn now.

Good stuff -
Interior and seats, everything is like new, like literally new, bar the red seatbelts need a wipe.
The rims have been refurbished.
The cup chassis is sharp, this thing handles on a dime.
New rubber all round.
Engine bay looks well kept.
MPG aint too bad, getting high 40's being good and mid 30's being bad, no doubt could get mid 20's being very naughty so there is scope to have a word with myself. :smile:
I'm glad to be back in a RS.


good job Jason..glad you are back..certainly enjoyed last years xmas meal..hope you have fun with your little toy..looks like a good package..:thumb:
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Big Ben

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Good place to start Jason. All we need now is to be able to see the photos:grinning:

Any little mods planned?
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Good place to start Jason. All we need now is to be able to see the photos:grinning:

Any little mods planned?
Probably head unit, speakers, a good servicing to start. Want a different steering wheel and I’m looking into changing the heating control knobs, there must be something nicer that will fit. After this I’ll definitely get it mapped to free up a potential 10bhp. Would prefer silver alloys I hate black but tbf it does look good in black. Not sure if I’ll keep the 4 mud flaps that are fitted, they keep hitting the floor!
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Good cop
Nice one Jason, really good to see you back in an RS! Glad you're enjoying it, and at least the little niggles are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things, nothing too serious/costly!
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Do you live on Bush Hill? I think i've driven past this lately as i'm about half a mile away from a black Twingo 133 that has appeared.