Turbo Failure.


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Anyone come across turbo failure because of the wrong exhaust manifold? ( Advice from a well respected tuner.) OR turbo failure because of fuel problems?.( A different well known tuner!.) I am on my third turbo in 13 months, 2 from the same tuner, last one failed at 10 months, and 960 miles, tuner would repair not replace, and I would have to bare the cost.These 2 turbos were from an unknown origin. ( Chinese?.) The new turbo is a Garrett, yet to be fitted. Any thought guys?.
Is it a 225 or 250 turbo Arthur?
Presumably on the respective standard manifold in any case.
The 2 turbo failures were from an unknown make by looks based on a T19 on a miltek manifold/ exhaust (They have sold 960 of these manifolds with no problems.)fitted to R26. The new turbo is a Garrett T20( 250/265/275) I believe. I have heard from 3 people of forged engine failures from the same tuner as well. There is worse, but I am not getting into blame/rows on forums. Hopefully it will be sorted this week.
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Tough to say a manifold could cause it, but insufficient flow coupled with a bigger turbo ramming a metric cluck tonne of air into the cylinder isnt going to help temperatures in the manifold. I haven't seen a Miltek manifold, is this definitely a thing they did for the F4R?

A fuel issue could technically dilute the oil, reducing its ability to lubricate the turbo, but on the same page you'd probably have bits and pieces of engine here there and everywhere.