Torque for tie Rod end nut


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Hi guys, been trawling through the workshop manual and then Google and the forum but cannot find the torque setting for the tie rod end nut.
Anyone able to help me out?


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The diagram is a bit vague but it would be the lower ball joint pinch bolt and as we all know how hard they are to undo and that when assembled cant go anywhere but the Clio Cup chassis manual says it should be 26.5Nm but I think its a hex blot and not the button head torx bolt on normal cars.


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In cup i think its drilled through , and a longer bolt with nut , there 27nm are ok

thats #3 in the diagramm of the workshop manual ? #15 are the 3 bolts that hold

the steel part in which #3 clamp the bottom ball joint , or not?