To buy or not to buy: EP3 or 197 Cup

I know this question has probably been asked a million times before on this forum but I'm can't seem to find anything suited to my dilemma. Narrowed down my pick to the Civic EP3 post-facelift and a 197 cup. I know the civic has the better engine/gearbox and I know the Clio has better handling. So I'm curious as to how close the margins would be between the two handling wise if the civic had a fast road setup done and possibly other minors tweaks.


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I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either.
Civic’s are always good fun to play with on track. They’ll easily gap the Clio down the straight, until the next bend comes along.

Like you say though. This is a Clio forum. I expect that’s what most people will say


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It costs a lot to get any power out the Clio, the Civic you can get some decent gains for cheap.

It's costs a lot to get the Civic to handle and stop like the Clio, out the box the Clio handles so good and the brakes are great.

The K20a is an amazing engine, reliable, revs high etc.

Like said, can't go wrong with either really.
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Just be aware of the cost of maintenance for the Clio.
They are great cars but do need some pricy maintenance items.

You mentioned the gearbox, but also look at exhaust manifolds and the three ball joint per side suspension. Get those done and just enjoy it for what it is. :smile: