The crunchy 197


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Hopefully you can fix the niggles and add a bit onto the resale price to make it worth your while

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So the black car sold instantly...... I’ve also spent the last 2 weekends fixing it :tearsofjoy:
Still need to replace the manifold and it needs a new exhaust pretty desperately, as the previous owner has chopped one of the 2 rear boxes out - thus making it sound like a trumpet.

I’ve fitted some new j hook goodspeeds on mine in the hope of curing vibrations under breaking, ahead of Blyton at the weekend with the boys.

Also invested in some actual fit for purpose safety gear too...


I’ve only sat in the car with it on, but it certainly feels odd! Looking forward to trying it on track.

Another project I’ve got lined up, is hacking apart another light to try and get some more air to the V6 box. Some of you may of seem on Facebook I did a small duct for my mate. Little bit of a size difference...



Not too bothered about the beam/beam pattern. These can be my U.K. only lights

Earlier this week, I also created a website for my printing that I’ve been doing:
Discount code ‘trackbaguettes’ if anyone wants to do some purchasing.

Decision day tomorrow as to whether the trip to the ring will be happening at the end of the month now. Hopefully the German Government let us travel


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Cheers bud. Just hope it comes out like I envisage in me head :tearsofjoy:

I didn’t even intend on doing it so soon. But I watched the light on my eBay, and The seller dropped the price to 20 quid posted.
Duct looks sick mate. I'd like something similar to be fair for my airbox, probably just for track work for me though

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Cheers bud!
I’m doing another round one for a lad off Instagram over the coming week or so.

I never really expected people to be wanting them


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So I never really updated this. Few bits have changed on the car since last time. I've switched over to the Godspeed J hook front discs, finally replaced the brake fluid (easily been in the car for 2 years now), and did the gearbox oil in the hope that it would quieten down a bit.

Good news is that the brakes are sorted now. Not a single vibration all day at Blyton, and I was really leaning on them hard.
Bad news is the gearbox is definitely going to have to come out sooner or later.... tis making a right chattering noise. I suspect the issue is bearing related. It's had it's fair share of abuse, but it's only been in around 18 months since it was 'refreshed'.

Many of you would of seen from our Instagram that the Blue car broke 20 minutes into our trackday. Starter motor wasn't turning any of the belts over, so Ben was taking that as he'd munched the belt (which is less than 2 years old)
We did a bit of investigation in the pits, and found that the engine could be turned over by the pulley whilst the car was in gear....


Concluded that there must be an issue with the flywheel. Strip down confirmed it......




Fortunately there was no damage to the belt/timing. Think the engine has survived the ordeal.
Tis' an odd one though. It's certainly not the first one i've seen with this issue either. The rear main seal was replaced on it around 2 years ago. The flywheel was fitted with new genuine Renault bolts.
You can tell from the distinct lack of markings on the crank and flywheel that it's been an instant fail, as opposed to the bolts backing out. Need to try and find some ARP upgrades for it!
So that's the ramp occupied for a little while whilst he rebuilds his box. Mines next to get ripped apart to sort the worn internals out.... would be a shame not to put a diff in there at the same time i guess.

Few of my favourite snaps of the trackday:









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I can’t remember what set he would of had on at the time, but he’s got team dynamics and a set of Oz’s
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So I’ve always been a firm believer in dropping the subframe to do the gearbox.

Not no more. Lower balljoint and swivel pins out to remove the shafts. Radiator support removed and rad cable tied up…. Box comes straight out.

This is why I’m not a mechanic!

@Lawton438 is sprinkling his magic gearbox skills and doing me a refresh and chucking a Gripper in at the same time.
Nick at Pure Motorsport has sorted me and the Baguettes out with a wicked price on them.

Roll on Snetterton!




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I am really tempted to get a LSD fitted in the next 12 months. Any particular reason why you went for a Gripper?

Does a gripper have to be serviced every so often rather than a drop it in and leave it in solution?


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Not so crunchy anymore?
It’s actually the chattery 197 atm. Sounds like the bearings are shagged.
Hasn’t lasted too long for a ‘professionally’ rebuilt box.

Seems a lot of these places just replace the 2 synchro rings and 1 bearing on their ‘full’ rebuilds. They’re making an absolute killing on them


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I am really tempted to get a LSD fitted in the next 12 months. Any particular reason why you went for a Gripper?

Does a gripper have to be serviced every so often rather than a drop it in and leave it in solution?
Well it’s predominantly a track car, so makes sense really. Especially when you compare against the cost of a quaiffe.

Yeah they will need the clutches to be refreshed.
For my usage, I can’t see it needing to be rebuilt for a long time. Time will tell I suppose.
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