Tar Stains Removal


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My Clio was washed at the weekend. It was covered in tar as a few roads near my home have been resurfaced recently. I used some Auto Glym tar remover and it got rid of the obvious black surface tar but my car has been left with speckled brown stains now.

I have tried an Auto Glym clay bar to see if that will remove any of the stains but it has not had much of an effect at all.


Can anyone recommend a product that will help me shift these brown stains? Are the brown stains iron fallout?

Do I need something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005JJVVVO/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1HALOIOP5RJK7&psc=1

Any advice would be really appreciated.


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Any tar and glue remover will do it. Something like Auto Finesse ObliTARate.

Or even some petrol or WD40 if you have any to hand.


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I've always used Bilt Hamber Clay, it's great stuff, and you can use water as a lubricant with it (others require a quick detailer as lubricant) but as said tar remover will also help.


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If cleaners don't work, a light polish compound should get it out.
I picked up some Meguiars Ultimate Compound today and used that on a few spots on the paintwork. The Ultimate Compound is definitely working on the brown stains that are on the metal paintwork, it is not having so much of an effect on the lower side skirt that I am guessing is made out of plastic. The brown stains are either disappearing completely or fading well.

I will try a few applications in the week and hopefully i can get the brown stains off of the car.

Thanks for the tip.