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Hi All

Does fitting a secondary de-cat give any extra noise once fitted? Currently just have a mid pipe delete

Also do you get a flatspot like the older models meaning you require a re-map if one is fitted like below?
De-cat section


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Any exhaust mod will give you a flatspot (apart from an Akrapovic exhaust).
I assume the decat will add some volume to your exhaust, but if you have a mid-pipe delete, you will need a map for the flatspot from that anyway.
Thanks mate I’ve not noticed one with the mid pipe tbh would the 2nd cat delete be very noticable?


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Did you get the mid pipe deleted, or was it already done? If the latter maybe they got it mapped out, as I went to test drive one with a mid pipe delete, it had a flatspot (and my current one and previous one had a Milltek with no map and there was a flatspot).
I can only go from what others have said, they have said it will cause a flatspot with a decat, so if you do plan a map, do all your mods first and do it at once, or you'll end up paying more than once.
I had the mid delete myself at work, Yeah maybe I’ll decat then remap straight away I was hoping for more exhaust noise cheaply really maybe I should think about a backbox instead


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Yeah just buy a catback exhaust, they're decently priced and these companies have spent time and money to get a good sound and tone.
@JW-7 if your still searching about this, I’ve recently gone from mid res delete to 2nd cat delete and mid res delete, and the difference is amazing. It’s so worth it and sounds perfect abs how it should have. No flat spots like the n/a 200 had and generally feels a little less restricted.
if you haven’t done it yet, get it done. Depending where you are in the country search for D7R fabrication in Telford. They sorted my badge job of a Res delete and took the 2nd cat out.
Thanks for the reply mate did you buy the same pipe as above? I’ve not looked towards the top of the pipe is it just a bolt off bolt on job or is it welded in?
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Hi @JW-7 I didn’t no, I took my car to D7R in Telford. Well worth the trip (as long as your not miles away, although people have driven from Kent and Scotland for his work!!)
He replaces the whole section with proper joints and his welding is awesome. I had a garage take out the mid Res and it was disgraceful! Really bodged up so was glad he sorted it all out.
seriously it’s worth getting in touch with him there as he was brilliant! And it didn’t take him long either.