Reset A Factory Fitted Radio (UpdateList model anyway)


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I was able to do this on my 172 radio and since it is also fitted to the 197 it should still work. I'm unsure about Cabasse models. Someone might find it useful if they are buying a used radio from a different model of car.

Factory Reset

Not something you are likely to need unless you ship the car to another continent. You need the SECURITY CODE to do this! To engage it, switch the radio off, hold down the 2 and 5 buttons and whilst holding them, switch it back on again. You now have a 2 minute wait while it beeps at you then, eventually, it will ask for the security code.

After that is entered, it will ask for the continent. The choice is America, Japan, Asia, Arabia and Other. The reason for this is they use different AM and FM bands. Select the right one with the scroll wheel and then press the button on the underside of the remote (nearest your lap).

The next question is CURVE (0-5) and sets the frequency response to suit the car. The values are 0 (Off), 2 (Clio), 3 (Mégane), 4 (Laguna), 5 (Safrane). I haven’t experimented to see what the effect is. Again press the underside button to move on.

Finally there is REAR (ON/OFF) which is asking about the rear speakers again. I think this relates more to whether they are installed at all rather then if you want them on. If you want to temporally disable them, use expert mode above. Press the underside button for the last time and the radio will be fully operational again.
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