Renaultsport R27 0465

John Gordon

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thought I would introduce you to my little Clio. Never made a project thread before, however I have some big plans for it so I thought it may be cool to document it.

So, last month I decided it was time to get rid of the old shed. My faithful PH1....



I wanted to stay with the hot hatch theme. I'm an 80's kid, so hot hatch is in the blood. I hunted high and low, ended up with this...







To be honest, at first I was disappointed. It felt big, under powered and a far different car than the little PH1 it replaced. After owning it for almost a month now, things have changed. The engine is a pain in the ass. But the chassis is phenomenal. Its just so confidence inspiring. And so it begins....
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John Gordon

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Track wheels.

I am going to run a road set and a track set. So I picked these up on the weekend. I need your help, I am not sure what color to powder coat them. I was thinking Silver as I have not seen them done in silver before and I think it would look nice and OEM. thoughs?




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John Gordon

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Well, started to collect a few little bits for the Clio.

First off...




Got the Speedlines back from powder coating. Think they look quite nice in that colour.

I have ordered a new steering wheel from Royal Wheels.

I've ordered a bottom and torque mount bush insert from proflex (went black)

And I have a K&N Panel filter and silicone induction hoses coming from TBRich.

Just got to decide which tyres to throw on the track wheels. I'm thinking either Dunlop or Toyo.

I noticed this week that my middle box has a blow. Could be why I have such an awful flat spot. i am waiting for Pure Motorsport to develop their 197 Exhaust, so I am thinking I may remove the center box for now until I get that.

Suspension is next...


came up nicely freshly powder coated wheels..look spot on..
regarding the bushes..they will be very harsh on public roads but will come alive on the track..
would be interesting to see the exhaust...

John Gordon

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Really bad pictures. Will take some more and write up my progress.

John Gordon

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Le Clio has evolved.

Picked it up last night from Madeno. Some random pics...



With standard Cup pack suspension the car was measured to get the baseline numbers for Camber and Castor.

Camber Before..


Camber After...


The results of the new top-mounts were

Camber Before -1.0 Degrees/After -2.6 Degrees
Castor Before 5.4 Degrees/ After 7.2 Degrees

Increase of -1.6 camber and 1.8 degrees castor.



Here's a copy of my setup sheet. I actually have the graphs from the dyno testing of the dampers V the standard b14 if anyone wants a copy, just PM me.


He's a few pics of the car as it stands now. Rear beam has been setup and aligned, think it sits quite well.





The damping and the springs are really well matched, but most of all the extra castor changes the car. It feels rock solid now, I have great weight in the steering, fantastic steering feel and the most ridiculously pointy front end. Its so flat now, I can't wait to track it next season.
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RIP Albi :( Hello Red 200 :)
[MENTION=53423]John Gordon[/MENTION] - do you have any pics with the new speedlines on?
Speedlines in silver are pretty different (although mine are now sheep black :tongue_smilie:smile:

197 looks spot on in those pictures above, dont do another thing (externally) to it! :biggrin:

John Gordon

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So, I decided to turn up the volume a little. Pure Motorsport exhaust ordered and fitted. Fits better than any exhaust I have ever purchased. Build quality is fantastic.. and my god does it sound fantastic. Will get a vid up soon.
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John Gordon

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Not as loud as you would think. Quieter than those with a standard system with the centre silencer removed. It gets quite "parpy" when on throttle, and my god does it pop and bang on gear shifts... I love that though, I'm a 35 year old kid.